WeeHoo iGo Turbo Tag Along Bike Trailer – We Test Out The Kids Recumbent Trailer From WeeHoo

The WeeHoo iGo is an open seater, recumbent trailer bike. It makes for a very engaging experience and allows your child to mimic your pedaling while not having to focus on keeping themselves upright or hanging on like a traditional tag-a-long bike.

WeeHoo also does a double seater, the WeeHoo iGo 2, a tandem trailer if your keen to take both with you.

With good storage capacity and rider comfort, it’s been a winner so far, read on for our experience riding with it.


weehoo igo turbo recumbent bike trailerSpecifications:

Where to Buy: Amazon.com

  • Recommended age range: 2 – 9 Years
  • Trailer Weight: 26 Pounds
  • Load Capacity: 80 Pounds
  • 20″ Rear Wheel
  • Steel mainframe with Alloy seat cage and rail clamps
  • Quick-Release hitch
  • Fully Enclosed pedal drive system with a freewheel for coasting
  • 3-Point safety harnesses
  • Arched drawbar for rear wheels clearance and multi-fit bike compatibility


Assembling Out of the Box

When I first saw the iGo I was very surprised at how small the box was in which it shipped, and upon the first inspection, it looked like it was going to take a while but it turned out very simple.

The main chassis (the part which holds all the chain and wheel assembly) is one giant piece which was already together, the main process was unpacking the seat parts and screwing them together, then fixing the seat cage onto the main rail, screw the pedals on and fix on the storage at the rear, that’s about it.

Mounting System and Bike Compatibility

The iGo’s clamp is one-piece, cast aluminum with no moving parts, about as simple and reliable as it gets and very quick to install.


WeeHoo iGo Turbo Trailer Bike Clamp


It fixes on to your bikes seat post so you will have to remove it from your bike to slide it over, also you will need to select which shim will be the best fit for your particular seat post diameter (this can usually be found stamped right at the bottom on the outside of your seat post)

There are a total five different thicknesses included – 25.4, 26.8,27.2, 30.8 and 31.8. The plastic sleeve acts as a sort of bearing to stop the clamp binding and grinding on the seat post, which is worth mentioning if you have a carbon or nice seat post you want to keep from scratching, substituting an older one would be recommended.

The main thing I like about this setup is the sheer strength and how the knuckle of the clamp takes the load of the trailer and not the quick-release, you can see in the picture above the rub marks showing where the clamp rests.

To connect up the trailer you hook the extension right onto the knuckle, then thread the quick-release through the hole and close, it’s not too difficult either since you can hook it up and it sits upright without fitting the quick release so it’s not a two person job.


WeeHoo iGo Bike Trailer Clamp

The Seat

The seat uses its own bolted-together cage which is made from tubular aluminum vs the steel used the main trailer chassis. This helps keep the weight down but also keeps the whole unit very stiff and secure,

Up front there are two perfectly placed handgrips which are used basically the entire time, this also helps to stop their hands wandering around.


WeeHoo iGo Seatbelt shoulder strap


The seatbelt is a three-point harness system and although it doesn’t have a lap-belt, the fit and adjustability is excellent, even on smaller children. You have two choices of placement for the shoulders straps, high and low. By threading them underneath the black loop, the shoulder height is reduced allowing the main straps to stay put and not fall sideways.


WeeHoo iGo shoulder straps


The two halves clip into the main buckle catch individually which is quicker and easier than trying to get two buckles perfectly aligned while holding everything else upright.

There’s even more storage on the seat as well, at the back there a net large enough to hold a jacket and on each side of the seat wings there’s more netting for a drink bottle or something similar size, very handy.


WeeHoo iGo seat back and rear wheel


Included Storage

It’s a real bonus having the extra storage at the rear, the two side pannier-type pockets are just big enough for a couple of loaves of bread plus a bit on each side, we have used them for small grocery trips and also carrying extra gear. Their resistance to showers are good but anything more than persistent rain will quickly get through the zips and inside, although I doubt we will be doing much in the heavy rain anyway. The center seam connecting the two bag halves also doubles as a soft mudguard.


weehoo iGo rear storage bags


We have sometimes teamed up the storage with a backpack and it’s quite surprising just how much we have been able to carry.

Pedaling System and Adjustment

The WeeHoo’s drive system is exactly the same as normal 20” BMX style bike only everything is stretched out and enclosed. The chain runs inside black plastic housing while the main front chain wheel is completely enclosed in a plastic guard. This is great, it keeps everything clean and prevents your kids loos clothing legs from getting tangled up in the moving chain, the only part of the chain you really see is where it pops out and goes around the back sprocket.


WeeHoo iGo rear freewheel


The iGo’s main crank arms are quite short, this I suspect was done to keep the ground clearance respectable and stop the trailer hanging up over raised surfaces, having the shorter arms limits the amount of power that can be put to the pedals, but in this case it probably doesn’t matter too much as you will be doing most of the work while your child can still turn the pedals over comfortably and feel a push as they go around. The system uses a freewheel so no back pedal brake, stop pedaling and coast or spin around backwards, it doesn’t matter.


WeeHoo iGo main Chain Wheel


The iGo’s pedals are pretty standard plastic platforms but they use a velcro toe strap with a heel strap as well. They work really well, even for smaller feet as long as you spend the time to make sure they are set-up properly, although you only need to set them up once. We havn’t lost a foot out of them yet!


WeeHoo iGo pedals and toe straps


Different leg lengths are catered for by sliding the whole seat-cage along the main chassis rail, the seat attaches using the large aluminum clamps which lock into place with the grooved channel on the underside of the main rail. This keeps the seat vertical with no chance of falling sideways or sliding around.


Underside view of WeeHoo iGo Seat


There is a screw for each clamp and it’s a hex key so shifting the seat around is quite quick even with the trailer attached to the bike.


WeeHoo iGo seat adjustment range

Riding with the iGo

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and natural it was to ride with the iGo attached for the first time, there is weird weight swings or changes in the way the bike handles, it just feels like your bike kinda has flattish tires, since you’re pedaling for two people.

This would be great for people who might not feel comfortable dealing with a bike-mounted child seat as some can change the steering and handling of your bike which takes some getting used to.

Since your child sits right behind you they are straight away watching your legs and how you pedal and I found my daughter was quick to start copying, she only has a Balance Bike at the moment so pedaling a bike is still a new concept. It didn’t matter she wasn’t keeping in time, she just had fun feeling as if she was helping and was quite happy spinning away, I’m sure bigger kids would quickly adapt to the recumbent position very easily.

The main issue is the length, although it’s not really an issue when riding you just have to quickly preplan your route and check to make sure there are no gates or turn-styles to go through at things could get very tricky.

It’s nice to have that flag mounted on the back in traffic since the trailer sit’s quite low and is less visible, I found most motorist were quite suprised when they saw the trailer connected up! Genuninly commuting with the iGo is easily aceivable if you live in a sutable area since your riding postion isn’t compromised and it’s super quick to un-hitch when done, plus there’s plenty of storage for luch.books etc.

Riding Over Bumpy Terrain

I have tried the Weehoo over most surfaces now, hard concrete, grass and gravel and it copes well with them all but you still have to watch where your riding and check if there are any holes approaching as the trailer doesn’t soak up a lot of undulation, there is a degree of give in the covered seat but not enough to cope with really rough ground, my advice would be to stick to smoother roads and tracks to keep a smile on your kids face.

One thing I have experimented with is the rear tire pressure, running it slightly softer to help with general comfort, not too low to cause punctures but not rock hard.


The iGo’s a different take on the convential kids bike trailer, it’s a single seater (with a tandem version available) which is a lot narrower than the standard enclosed trailer. This makes it less cumbersome and with one less wheel, there is reduced resistance.

It’s an open design so your kids a directly exposed to the wind and weather, if your in a colder climate, a covered over trailer would be a better alternative but there is a rain canopy for the iGo so it can be the best of both worlds.

See The WeeRide iGo on Amazon.com

Well built, nice and easy to clamp to your bike and easy to ride with, our WeeHoo iGo Turbo will be sticking round and putting in many more miles!







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