The Best Rear Mounted Child and Baby Bike Seats For 2019 – Best Buyers Guide

Updated 4th February 2019


Get outside for some fresh air and take your kiddies on a ride around the neighborhood, go to the park or playground and sneak in some exercise for yourself!

By Vaughn

My girl loves riding on the bike with me, she watches the world go by and see things at a different pace, it also makes a nice change to riding in the back of the car.

There is a broad range of options that can fit almost any bike if your bike lacks rack mounts on its frame check out the Frame Mount style seats.

Frame mount seats clip around your bikes seat tube and sit above your back tire.

If your bike has no rack mounts and also has seat tube obstructions, look at the Bell Cocoon and Schwinn Deluxe Child Carrier.

These two use a hybrid style rack not needing traditional mounts.


Comparison Table

Bell Cocoon 300
Peg Perego Eggy
Cycling Deal Kids Rear Bike Carrier
Thule Yepp Maxi
Thule Ridealong
Bellelli Pepe
Hamax Caress
Schwinn Deluxe
Topeak Child Bike Seat
Co-Pilot Limo


Have a look at the quick comparison table below, this will help you with the list of seats further down the page.

 Age and Maximum Recommended WeightHarness TypeFrame or Rack MountMounting Notes
Bell Cocoon 3001 - 4 years, 40 lbs5 PointFrame Mount (No Bicycle Rack Eyelets Needed)1", 25mm of seat post showing
Peg Perego Eggy1 year - 40 lbs3 PointFrame Mounted3.5", 90mm
CyclingDeal Kids Rear Carrier1 year - 40 lbs3 PointFrame Mounted And Rack Capable4", 100mm
Thule Yepp Maxi9 months - 6 years, 48.5 lbs5 PointFrame Mounted (Thulke Yepp Maxi Easyfit For Rack Mount)4.5", 115mm
Thule RideAlong1 - 6 years, 48.5 lbs3 PointFrame Mount4", 100mm
Bellelli Pepe (Frame and Rack Mount)1 - 7, 48.5 lbs3 PointFrame Mount3", 76mm
Hamax Caress (Frame and Rack Mount)9 months - 48.5 lbs3 PointBoth (Rack to be Bought Seperatley)3", 76mm
Schwinn Deluxe 1 year - 40 lbs3 PointFrame Mount (No Bicycle Rack Eyelets Needed)Not For Rear Suspension Bike
Topeak Child Bike Seat1 year - 48.5 lbs3 PointRack Mount OnlyNeeds Bicycle Frame Rack Mount Eyelets
CoPilot Limo1 - 4.5 years, 40 lbs3 PointRack Mount OnlyNeeds Bicycle Frame Rack Mount Eyelets

Bell COCOON 300 Child Bicycle Carrier (Frame Mount)

Bell COCOON 300 Child Bicycle Carrier (Frame Mount)

Where to Buy:

The Bell Cocoon is an extremely popular bike seat that is affordable and uses a unique mounting system to accommodate a range of bike shapes and sizes.

  • The Bell uses a generous wrap-around molding to keep your child safe and uses machine washable padding for comfort
  • The seat has a separate frame which is similar to a bike rack but does not need frame rack mounts, good for strength and stability, and good for hard to fit bikes
  • The 5 Point harness is a nice bonus at this price, lots of adjustment and good security

The mounting and installation is pretty straightforward and uses your bikes seat clamp to attach the carrier fitting, the integrated handhold can do sit forward and on smaller bikes, it may rub against your while riding.

The included guards and wrap around shield protects your toddler from moving parts while keeping splashes away on a rainy day.


Peg Perego Eggy Rear Mount Child Seat

Peg Perego Eggy Rear Mount Child Seat (Frame Mount)

Where to Buy:

  • Age Range: 1 year up until 40 lbs
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 40 lbs

I’m not sure why Peg Perego named their seat the Eggy, but I think it may be due to the fact it kinda looks like an egg, it’s a cool looking seat similar to the Cabbie, it has integrated padding in the one-piece shell, and it’s a slightly more compact seat with the weight limit being not as great as some of the others above, but it’s simple and well made for its relatively low cost.

  • Multi-position footrests and decent rubber footrest straps to prevent contact with the wheel and spokes
  • The comfort padding is waterproof, and separate from the harness making it easy to remove if you need to wipe them down or give the seat a clean
  • There are molded-in ventilation holes to keep your kiddie cool on hot days
  • The steel struts give the Eggy a small amount of suspension and the click in and out with the one-click system

There is an included combination lock to secure the seat to your bike which comes in handy if you leave the bike unattended, also the warranty is 2 years which covers manufacturing defects.

The curvy design body wraps around nicely and holds your child in tight, also it has an integrated reflector on the backside of the seat.

The Eggy’s footguards protrude out towards the rider’s feet which may not work well for smaller framed bikes, Peg Perego does make an extender bar which gives an extra 7.5 cm of length to the mounting bars to free up more leg room.

CyclingDeal Kids Rear Bicycle Carrier

CyclingDeal Kids Rear Bicycle Carrier (Frame Mount)

Where to Buy:

  • Age Range: 1 Year up until 40 lbs
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 40 lbs

The CyclingDeal frame mount seat is a good value seat that is simple to attach and has similar features to the more expensive alternatives. If you’re on a budget or looking for a second seat for another bike the CyclingDeal frame mount would make a smart choice.

  • Generous soft padding for your child to sit on combined with the flex of the struts give the seat some compliance over bumps, and the little hand hold upright loops gives them something to hang on to when cruising around
  • Nice and simple footrests slide out and are able to be set to four different heights
  • The three-point harness is basic but does have a couple of shoulder pads fitted and the buckle is sturdy enough and not easy for your child to fiddle with and undo

A quick push of the seat clamps button releases the seat, and there is the option to attach this seat to a rack if your bike already has one fitted. There is also a front mounted CyclingDeal seat that attaches via the seat tube and sits just behind your handlebars, have a look at the front mounted child bike seat guide, its also great value and very highly rated.

The included instructions are quite basic, but if you find somebody with a little know how it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to install.


Thule Yepp Maxi rear mounted child bike seat

Thule Yepp Maxi (Frame Mount)

Where to Buy:

  • Also sold as a rack mount variation see – Thule Yepp Maxi EasyFit
  • Age Range: 9 months up to 6 years
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 48.5 lbs

The Yepp Maxi from Thule is the rear mounted version of the Yepp-Mini bike seat, it connects to your bikes seat tube by means of a two sturdy and strong steel arms, which you then clamp the two back brackets to and tighten, this is handy as its pretty simple and makes for a good, strong connection.

  • Instead of the seat body being made from a hard plastic, the Yepp Maxi is a more of a soft, rubbery type of material, which is why the seat looks a bit thicker than others. This lets it do away with additional padding or material pads since the seat body is pretty pliable and shock absorbing
  • A 5 point harness is standard for safety and there are adjustable footrest with no tools needed to change the height as your child’s leg grow\
  • Keep them safe from moving parts with the rear wheel shield molded into the structure of the seat, it also acts as a handy mudguard if you do get caught in the rain

The rubber shoulder straps on the 5 point harness grip your child’s shoulders and stop them slipping down while also helping to stop your child from squirming around too much.

For safety the Yepp Maxi has a built-in reflector mounted to the back of the seat, so if you do end up fitting this you don’t have to look around for a replacement if you cover up your bikes seat post one, also, lock your seat to the bike with a key and help stop opportunists taking it if you do leave your bike unattended with the locking quick-release built into the base of the seat.

The seat attachment bracket that mounts to your frame is steel so it’s heavier and will take a bit more time getting used to the seat weight changing the handling of your bike, but the tradeoff is a super strong and sturdy setup.



Thule RideAlong Child Bike Seat (Frame Mount)

Where to Buy:

  • Age Range: 9 months to 6 years old
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 48.5 lbs

Another high-quality seat from Thule that is durable, well designed and would make an excellent choice when you’re trying to decide which seat to buy.

  • The RideAlong reclines, the seat tilts back and provides better neck support (or to make your sleepy baby more comfortable)
  • If you ride a smaller bike and the front mounted seats are no an option, there is a low seat adaptor you can purchase to help with the problem of you seat hitting the front of the seat, the struts have extra seat clearance due to the extra bend giving more space
  • The shoulder straps adjust by means of a simple push button, so maybe if you have more than one youngster changing the lengths isn’t a problem
  • A key-only seat removable bracket keeps the seat safe when away from the bike, maybe just leave a spare somewhere safe as a backup
  • This seat is also available in the front mount Thule RideAlong Mini

The RideAlong has a built-in suspension feature, the dual tube arms that the seat rests on providing some give and help provide some cushioning over rougher ground, while the integrated mudguard and shield for the back tire keep legs away from moving parts, these also contain the height adjustable leg rests and strap.

The RideAlong is made from a hard plastic, which is the biggest difference between it and the Yepp Maxi, separately removable pads are standard for a more plush ride.

The suspension movement of the seat may, on some bike interfere or rub with the back tire, so ideally you will have to run this seat as high up on the seat tube as possible (taking note if your gear cable seat tube, this seat may not work)

Bellelli Pepe Bicycle Baby Carrier

Bellelli Pepe Bicycle Baby Carrier

Where to Buy:

  • Available as a frame mount and a rack version
  • Age Range: 9 months / 1 year up to 7
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 48.5 lbs

The Bellelli Pepe frame mount seat is a well rated and reviewed budget option, it has a super strong clamp, and a well ventilated back and sides. Quickly removable via the button on the frame clamp, there is no security lock however like the Thule seat, but this seat is less than half the price.

  • The frame clamp is made from two steel halves with a plastic cover, this is super strong and gives extra security in the long run
  • The Pepe seat can be used with either the included frame mount clamp and brace, or if you already have a rear carrier it can clip onto that as well, if you don’t the carrier needs to be purchased separately
  • The seat is actually very lightweight, this is in part to its highly ventilated body, great if you live in a warmer climate or those hot summer days
  • Well sized footrest guards protect small feet from the bike wheels and there is good shoulder support built into the backrest of the seat

The 3 point harness’s shoulder straps have a 3 position setting to adjust for different height shoulders, just pull the buckle through the ovalized holes, no need to fiddle with the padding or buckle adjustments. Although the included instruction booklet isn’t the best, there are good instructional videos on the Bellelli product page if you get stuck.

The footrest guards do bend in towards the back brake area of the bike, this may interfere with some frames, this could be solved with a small modification by using a utility knife if it turns out to be an issue.


Hamax Caress child bike seat

Hamax Caress Child Bike Seat

Where to Buy:

  • Available as a frame mount and a rack version
  • Age Range: 9 months up to 48.5 lbs
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 48.5 lbs

The Hamax Caress is a well-designed seat with some nifty features, it has the ability to recline and there are also different brackets available to help with fitting to many different sizes and shapes of bikes.

This seat is also available as a carrier/rackmount version, the rack bracket is included in the package.

  • The bars that slot into the frame mount clamp provide some cushioning for your toddler, while the rackmount version has in-built springs in the base of the seat since it sits on the rigid bike rack
  • There is a good range of aftermarket accessories from Hamax, there is a traveling neck rest if you have a sleepy baby, a rain cover for the seat to keep the padding dry and even a purpose designed onesie for your child to wear while sitting in the seat if it’s raining!
  • A simple and elegant looking seat chassis, it has good sized built-in handholds and the whole seat reclines up to 20 degrees for napping
  • The included mounting bracket for the rack has a set of small springs which act as a suspension for the seat, they are pretty simple but give an extra bit of plushness and help take away the road vibration

Changing the height of the shoulder straps is super easy, there is a pull handle which loosens the strap clamp, this then slides up or down and is pushed back into place to tighten and small rubber grippers stop them moving around, also there is a child-proof single button latch buckle to unclip the 3 point harness.

The seat base sits low so you may come across issues of rubbing on the rear tire with smaller bikes or mudguards and 29ers, there are separate brackets to help with this.

A cool thing to see is when you click the legs of the seat into the clamp there are two green pop-up buttons to tell you when it’s safely attached, takes the guesswork out of it!



Schwinn Deluxe Child Carrier

Schwinn Deluxe Rear Child Carrier

Where to Buy:

  • Age Range: 1 Year up until 40 lbs
  • Maximum Recommended Weight 40 lb

From the long-standing and trusted brand, Schwinn, the Deluxe Rear Child Carrier is a very popular seat with over 700 reviews to date on Amazon, it is a well-priced seat that will bring your youngster many hours of enjoyment and exploring while keeping them safe with a wrap-around and snug fitting body molding.

  • As your child grows, there is an extra headrest included, this clips into the top of the seat for extra neck support or sleepy time comfort
  • The body of the seat is made from polypropylene to keep the weight down while remaining sturdy enough with the base of the seat attached to the rack
  • The back of the Deluxe carrier is vented which helps the wind flow through the seat, good for ventilation for your toddler, and maybe if you dropped them off at daycare, the empty seat will let the energy-sapping wind through
  • The footrests are height adjustable and have a separate leg strap to keep your kiddies feet safe
  • The seat is easily detachable and slides on and off with the quick release mechanism

The Schwinn Carrier Seat comes with an included rack, this seat is a unique fit for the rack so changing to other bikes will mean changing the rack over as well. While the rack is purpose made for the seat, it’s quite adjustable and will easily fit onto 29er mountain bikes, although be sure to not mount it on rear suspension bikes.

Rear Rack Mounted Only Child Seats


Topeak BabySeat 2, iiTopeak Child Bike Seat (BabySeat 2)

Where to Buy:

Age Range: 1 year to 48.5 lbs

Maximum Recommended Weight 48.5 lbs

Read Our Topeak BabySeat 2 Review

I have long been a fan of Topeak products, their products seem to last well while being well made and thoughtfully designed. The Topeak Child Bike Seat is all of the above, it comes with a rack and there is also a disc mount version available if your bike’s disc equipped.

  • The included Topeak rack is a high quality, tubular aluminum unit. The seat makes use of Topeaks MTX system, this an angled channel which is a universal fit for other Topeak products like bags and accessories. If you ride to work in the week the rack would come in handy with a bag, then on the weekends, slide the baby seat on
  • The footrests are fully adjustable, while good for smaller feet, they are a bit short so larger feet tend to hang over the end of the rest
  • The ride is a bit comfier on the rack, located underneath the seat some simple shock absorbers help isolate the seat from knocks and bumps
  • There is some neck support provided and there is a molded-in recess for your child’s helmet so the seat back doesn’t force their heads forward when they’re sitting in it

The secure wrap-around design holds your child firmly, and the foam padding is removable and machine washable.

The seat uses a large pull-out yellow slider that firmly locks the seat to the rack when you’re not using the seat, it stores on the seat itself.

I have sometimes extended the rack mounting arms a few inches to level out the carrier as the provided hardware can be short for the smaller framed bike(These can be bought from any local bike shop). This gives more space between your seat and the baby seat.

BlackBurn Co-Pilot Limo child seat

COPILOT Limo Child Carrier with Blackburn EX-1 Rack

Where to Buy:

The CoPilot limo is a well-priced seat which comes with a good quality carrier and is available as a disc and non-disc brake version. Using bright colors for visibility, thick seat padding, and an adjusting handhold, it’s good value and pretty simple to fit and set up.

  • The grab bar can go from a handhold for your child to lifting it right up and over the back of the seat, easy to climb into and buckle up or out of the way if you choose
  • The seat pads use gel for vibration damping, the gel also helps them retain their shape and thickness giving more comfort than regular foam pads. Removable and machine washable as well
  • The CoPilot’s included rack is the Blackburn EX-1, this is a very good quality tubular aluminum rack which is lighter than regular steel ones, and uses the bike quick release to attach which makes it very simple
  • If you have any flashing Blackburn lights they will mount directly onto the Copilot, as well as reflectors

The Copliots footwells are quite short so your child’s knees ride a bit higher than other seats and the position of the seat is more forward than others so it may not be suitable for shorter riders.

There is an integrated safety strap that clips onto your bikes seat post, this gives extra backup and security for the seat.

Front Mounted Child Bike Seats Buyers Guide

Bike Compatibility

First thing to check would be if your bike seat tube is free and clear from cables or guides, sometimes there is a front derailleur cable guide on the seat tube, this usually gets in the way of the mounting clamp, sometimes the clamps still work but it’s usually done by placing extra packers or modifying the clamp.

if your bike has the cable guide on the seat tube, you may want to check out the front mount child bike seats, they clip onto the front of your bike, usually around the steerer tube column, they have similar weight limits and make a good alternative.

For rackmount child seats, make sure your bike has rack mount eyelets on the frame (down by the rear wheel and just behind the seat post)

Rear Wheel Clearance and Seat Clearance

The arms of the frame mount child seats extend upwards on an angle from the bikes seat tube, if your bike is small or your seat is very low (with almost no seat post showing) these types of seat may not be a good fit, some of the manufacturers sell extender kits to give the seats extra clearance and move them back from your saddle.

With smaller frames, the top tube is further down on the seat tube, this means you have to mount the seat clamp lower, the seat will sit closer to your rear tire and may not have enough clearance, even rubbing your tire when your child sits in it and goes over a bump.

If you have a really small bike or if your unsure, the rack mount rear style seats would be a better choice.

Bike Frame Material

Clamping around the seat tube of your bike puts a lot of leverage over a small area of tubing, If your bike aluminum or steel this is fine, and the tubing is strong and thick enough.

Carbon fiber frames are not compatible with frame mounted child seats. The clamp can easily crush or, over time crack the seat tube. Use a front riding bike seat if your frames carbon, or, some carbon frames have rack mounts as well which would be worth checking as you could fit a rack mount version.

Here are a few pros and cons of the frame and rack-mounted seats


  • Suspension and comfy ride – The frame mount seats are usually on struts which flex giving a small amount of suspension to the seat
  • Good for sleepy babies – Some models of seat recline which gives your child more neck support and stability if they like to sleep when riding
  • Out of the wind – Your body shelters your child from the wind when riding
  • Frees up your leg space – Get on and off your bike easier and less obstruction for your legs when riding


  • May not be suitable for some bikes – Cable guides, frame material, and small bikes don’t like the frame mounted seats
  • Less interaction – With your child sitting behind you it’s not as easy to chat with them like the front mounted seats
  • Look Behind you – Not as easy to keep an eye on your kiddie without having to turn your head
  • Balance – Having your child sitting high up on the carrier can affect your stability on your bike, some people may have trouble adjusting to the extra weight

In Conclusion

The frame mounted seats are usually pretty simple to install and easy to remove, there are good options ranging from budget up to more expensive models, the better seats usually have better quality seatbelts with easier adjustments and some feature anti-theft quick releases.

Some seats have a rack mount variations to choose from at the time of purchase so you can go either way depending on whether your bike has rack mounts on its frame.


Are you undecided if the rear mounted seats are for you? have a look at the front child bike seat guide.

My Top Picks

Best Budget Seat: Bell Cocoon 300

Quality And Best Seatbelts: Thule RideAlong

Simple Mounting and ease of installation: Thule Yepp Maxi

No Rack Mounts And No Seat Tube Space: Bell Cocoon and Schwinn Deluxe


Have you used any of these seats? or if you own one, let me know your thoughts and experiences with it below.







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  • October 5, 2018 at 9:37 am

    Hello there Vaughn 😉

    Great detail and explanation of each seat,  Also, the comparison table was on point as well as paragraph with pros & cons of frame and rack-mounted seats! Very helpful. So far I like Topeak Child Bike Seat the most due to great build quality, good level of comfort and great ergonomics. Keep up the good work Vaughn!

    • October 5, 2018 at 9:11 pm

      Hi Evald

      The tables bring everything together so you can compare the seats directly against each other, saves spending hours looking up the individual specs, thanks!

  • August 22, 2018 at 6:36 pm

    Great article on rear mounted child and baby bike seats. It is refreshing to see the comparison chart which is very helpful and the pros/cons is also cool. I have been researching these seats for my bike for a while now and I do believe that you have helped me make an informed decision.
    Thank You,

    • August 22, 2018 at 10:14 pm

      Hi JesusB

      It sure can be a process finding a seat that fits your bike,  hope the post helped!

  • August 19, 2018 at 6:01 pm

    Hi Vaughn!

    The topic of your site is a very important one. many kids got injured because of not having helmets on their heads and due to unsecured seats on their bikes.

    The security of the kids is a primary goal when on bikes! Especially in the traffic and on the uneven terrains!

    I have two sons and the younger one, who is 19 now, was riding the bike when he was younger. Never had an injury although could have a couple of times. he always wore a helmet.

    I can only confirm how overall proper types of equipment is important for children while riding a bicycle.

    Great post and a very nice design!
    Great work!

    • August 21, 2018 at 2:14 am

      Hi Igor

      Safety sure is a big concern, the quality of helmets and related gear is always improving but there will always be risk.

  • August 7, 2018 at 10:04 pm

    Hi and thank you for helping me with a problem I was having. I have a five year old boy who is currently learning to ride his bike. I think some of the info on here is very useful, as my son is struggling with his balance, at least due to his seating difficulties. Any advice or tips for helping me teach my son to ride would be appreciated. Thanks,

    • August 8, 2018 at 8:22 am

      Hi Kenny

      I could suggest setting him up so he can touch the ground but not with bent knees otherwise he may struggle to push the pedals around, also maybe try him on a clear open surface that is smooth and easy going. Although grass might be an obvious choice, it can alter the bikes steering and make it difficult to turn.

      Maybe just let him do the steering when you push him of but let him know your’e there just in case (following behind and ready to catch)

      And just be patient, make it fun, i’m sure one day he will just click and get the hang of it!


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