Scott Chomp 2 Review – Take a Bite of this Cool Kids Bike Helmet

By Vaughn

The little Chomp helmet is made by Scott Sports (same company that makes the bikes and ski stuff), although it’s not as common as the Giro Scamp or Nutcase Baby Nutty, it’s a great little helmet and is comparable in price.

Aimed at kids around 1 year and older it has a good size range and makes a for a solid investment for your child safety.

After purchasing and using the Scott Chomp 2 kids bike helmet for 16 months now, it’s been put through its paces and it’s still going strong.


Green Scott Chomp 2 Kids Bike Helmet

Scott Chomp 2 Details

Where to Buy:

  • For the little racers at heart, it features speedy racing stripes
  • In-Molded construction with polycarbonate outer micro-shell
  • In-built light at the rear of the helmet with flashing and solid operation
  • One Size 46 – 52 cm
  • Nice and light at 230 g
  • Plastic retention system to allow for growing heads and to ensure proper fit
  • Seven large vents to aid cooling
  • Small peak built into the front of the helmet
  • Color-coded straps and reflective front logo
  • Retro design theme with numbers
  • Manufacturers Website


Fit and Sizing

The stated size range for the Chomp is 47 – 52 cm (one size only), compared to the Nutcase Baby Nutty I reviewed, that helmet ranges from 47 – 50 cm, so the overall inside area of the Scott helmet is a bit larger.


blue kids bike helmet


I started my daughter off with this helmet at 12 months, this was about the time she was able to comfortably hold her head up with the helmet on without to much extra stress. The helmet adjusts down to 47 cm and while the fit was good it was right at it’s smallest allowable adjustment.

The helmet sits quite low down and is firm fitting and stable while not being to tight and its simple enough to quickly ratchet the adjuster up after she puts it on as the plastic bridge is low enough to grip well down close to her neck, overall a very good fit.



The Chomp 2 uses an In-Molded foam liner which is fused to the outer polycarbonate micro-shell. This keeps the helmet structure stiff and is better for long-term durability. The other method you might see with cheaper helmets is the thin outer shell is commonly placed on top and taped down onto the interior styrene liner.


inside view of scott chomp 2 bike helemt
Large padding, and the big, round integrated backlight


Sometimes kids aren’t kind to their helmets and the stuck-on shell can crack and fall to pieces pretty quickly.

This helmet has been kicked around and dropped a few times and although it’s got a few marks on it, structurally it’s perfect and the whole design, in general, has proven to be very resilient.

Shape and Design

The Chomp 2 follows a similar layout to other popular kids bike helmets, the integrated peak giving a bit of sun protection, deeper sides and back for more head coverage and some cool color options to make picking one out easier.

I like the way the backside has been kept flat, this helps to minimize the discomfort of a pointy helmet sticking into a bike seat headrest and forcing your child’s head forwards.


blue scott kids bike helmet


The colors and graphics are more understated than some other helmets in the kids category, but the retro looking stripe and number combo works well and its the same on the other colors (there’s also a green one and an orange version)

Although I picked it out for a girl, its blue but a more of a metallic pastel blue my daughter loves it and the flashing light at the back has to be turned on (day or night)

Also, the shape of the vents kinda looks like something you would find on a sports car and carries on that retro race theme.


blue kids bike helemt


Another cool feature is the inbuilt flashing light fixed to the dial adjuster. Able to be flashing or solid you push the face of the red plastic cover to activate it. I can see this coming in handy if your child rides in a rear child seat often, or when they start to get more independent with their wheeled activities.

Buckle and Adjustment

The chin-strap clip is your standard clasp-type clip, although there’s nothing wrong with it, I have found its best to take special care when closing because its easy to pinch skin under the neck, especially so with trying to do it up in such a small space (maybe I just have big hands?) Some kids helmets come with magnetic closures or ratcheting type clip so keep that in mind if your trying to narrow down your helmet choices.

The side straps attach to small plastic hangers which are set into the helmet, this is a nice touch, it’s handy because it stops the straps being pulled and moved around if it gets hung on the handlebars.




Inside the Chomp is an adjustable, plastic enclosure with a turning dial, easy adjustment for head size, also when using beanies in colder weather there’s extra space to move.


Over the last 16 months, we have been using the Chomp, nothing was broken, although the lights a bit dim now since my daughter loves to play with it. The cover unscrews to replace the battery so that’s not a problem.

My daughter likes to wear it around the house and even when eating dinner so it does its job and has been money well spent.

Other helmets that compare to the Chomp are the Nutcase Baby Nutty and the Giro Scamp (in the extra small), I have covered those in previous reviews and are also excellent fitting and good quality helmets.


See the Scott Chomp 2 on


Are you shopping for a helmet for your toddler or had experience with small helmets and small heads?

Share your thoughts below, it would be great to hear from you.





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