Nutcase Little Nutty Kids Bike Helmet – Our Review Of The Extremely Popular Kids Bike Helmet

By Vaughn

I reckon Nutcase have nailed color schemes for helmets, from subdued low-key shades to multi-colored splashes, finding that right color that speaks to your kiddy is easy. After all, if your child likes the color that’s the most important thing right? As a parent, knowing it’s a good quality, safe helmet for them to wear is our main concern.

Following on from the Nutcase Baby Nutty, the Nutcase Little Nutty is the next stop in the range. Designed to fit children from around ages 3 and up, it’s a regular looking skate-style helmet on the outside with big-kid features on the inside to help with fit and function.

Let’s face it, kids are getting more and more adventurous with their wheeled activities and finding a helmet that keeps up with them is essential. Read on for more about the Little Nutty.


Nutcase Little Nutty Kids Bike Helmet


  • 48 – 52 cm size range
  • Designed for ages 3 – 6
  • 11 Vents to give extra air circulation
  • 11 Funky colors to choose from
  • Nice plastic visor to keep the sun out of their eyes, it’s also easily detachable
  • Magnetic, pinch-free buckle
  • 392 grams
  • Extra pads included to fine tune fit
  • Dial mechanism for quick retention adjustment
  • CPSC and ASTM F1492 (Multi-sport) Cycling, Scooting, Skating
  • Strong and Durable ABS outer shell
  • MIPS version also available
  • Where to

Fit and Sizing

The Little Nutty would be a perfect, first ride-to-school helmet. Although it looks like a regular skate helmet, inside you will find a dial adjustment common on most sports helmets. This makes adjusting for different increments in head sizes easy and also for long hair, once it’s set it’s done, you don’t need to re-adjust it everytime your child puts their helmet on.

When comparing the Baby Nutty (47 – 50 cm) to the Little Nutty’s 48 – 52 cm measurements, there’s overlap in the sizing, in appearance the Little Nutty is quite a bit larger on a pre-schoolers head. If your child head circumference measures in the upper size range of the Baby Nutty, go for the Little Nutty, it has extra pads included helping reduce the internal size of the helmet while still being safe. These can be mixed and matched inside the helmet which is a great idea.

These types of helmets (the bowl style) rely on the pads giving a snug fit, this keeps it from moving around and it’s the safest way to wear them. Also because they are heavier the pad setup is pretty important.




Durability is the feature here. Externally the Little Nutty uses a thick but still lightweight ABS plastic exterior. It’s a one-piece shell with no weak points. This helps long-term resistance to bumps and bruises and stops cracks forming which can be common with lighter weight, highly ventilated designs.

Inside the Nutty, there’s the EPS foam liner which has ventilation channels molded in to help with airflow to the top vents. It’s a downside of the skate helmets, the vents are small so things can get warm on hot days and any type of ventilation helps.

A common feature for securing straps to the hard outer shell of skate helmets is the use of rivets, these are also used on the Little Nutty. The main benefit of having the straps permanently fastened into place is when it’s hung on the handlebars, the strap’s don’t come out of adjustment making it a nuisance to re-center everything. Also, it’s super simple and the straps are secured to the hard outer and not the glued-in liner.

inside view of kids bike helmet
The EPS liner inside the outer hard shell

Shape and Design

Classic in looks but the color combinations are wild, from ladybugs to flowers, lemons to frogs it’s all there. I would love to know how they come up with these colors, there must be people with a good imagination at Nutcase!

The Little Nutty provides good overall coverage and comes down just far enough behind the head, just stopping to give access to the dial adjuster. It follows the lines of many other skate brand helmets and it’s tried and true.

A couple of small vents in the front feature as eyes for the ladybug colorway which is convenient. Also, there’s a handy plastic visor which just slides into the front area, it’s a firm fit so it shouldn’t go missing straight away, fingers crossed.


vent holes on a kids bike helmet
The 7 vents on top of the Little Nutty

Buckle and Adjustment

The Nutcase magnetic buckle, or Fidlock, is an interesting unit, all you really have to do is hover the two clips near each other and they automatically grab hold. It takes extra time to figure out but works well and saves the dreaded neck pinch.

Another nice feature is the soft sleeve covering the chin strap, it’s super soft and gives a little bit of extra comfort.

Under the ears the straps meet via simple sliding clasps, these are non-locking and simply pull into place. Nice and simple but they sometimes can migrate from their position so just check to make sure they’re still in the right place from time to time.

The dial adjuster actually has a reflective sticker on the back of the dial and uses a rubber covered exterior for better grip. The plastic connections holding the dial assembly in place are thick enough to withstand daily use so breakage shouldn’t be an issue.


Closeup view of kids bike helmet dial adjuster
The dial adjuster at the rear of the Little NUtty

Other Nutcase Helmets

Along with the Baby Nutty, there’s an adult version called the Nutty Street and also the MetroRide which is a lighter weight, slimmer looking adults helmet.

Nutcase Helmets Quick Comparison Table

 Baby NuttyLittle NuttyNutty StreetMetroRide
SizesXXS: 47cm-50cmXS: 48cm-52cmSmall: 52cm - 56cm Medium: 56cm - 60cm Large: 60cm - 64cmOne size fits all: S/M-M/L 55cm-59cm
Age Range12 - 36 MonthsToddler 3 - 6 Years6 Years UpwardsTeen to Adult
Shell TypeInmold & EPSHard Shell & EPSHard Shell & EPSInmold & EPS
Ventillation 11 vents (Front, top and back venting)11 vents & internal channeling11 vents & internal channeling6 large vents
Fidloc Magnetic BuckleYesYesYesYes
Dial AdjustmentNoYesYesYes
Weight9.9oz / 280g13.8oz / 392gSmall: 15.2oz/430g Medium: 16.4oz/465g Large: 17.6oz/500g10.9oz / 310g

  • Multi-Sport Approved
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Good Coverage
  • Lot’s of Colors

  • Limited Ventilation
  • Heavier helmet for petit children



The Nutcase Little Nutty is a super solid, reliable offering from Nutcase Helmets. I have dealt with a lot of Nutcase helmets and have been impressed with their quality and attention to detail. Maybe even check out their range of adult helmets for yourself if your shopping for your kiddo, there’s some really cool artistic designs and some nice low-key ones as well.


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Have you got a Nutcase helmet or maybe there’s a birthday coming up, one of these would make an awesome gift!

Let me know in the comments below.


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