Micro Mini 2 Go Deluxe Plus Scooter Review – Two scooters In One By Micro

Is it a scooter? Is it a mobile toy storage device or is it a sit on and ride scooter? It’s all of these things! The Mini 2 Go Deluxe Plus Scooter is a unique concept from the scooter and mobility masters at Micro.

Combining a detachable sit-on saddle with integrated storage and a super handy push handle it’s a versatile and fun way for your kids to get mobile by themselves, while you help them along with the push handle.

Designed for mobility, short trips, and general riding, it’s not just any old ride-on toy!

Micro Mini2Go Specs and Features:

  • Designed for ages 18 months and up
  • Seat height of 26cm (10 1/4 inches)
  • Comes in Red, Pink and Blue colors
  • Adjustable handlebar height of 49 to 67 cm (19 – 26 3/8 inches)
  • 3.6 Kilos in weight (8 Pounds)
  • Maximum Load – 20 kg with seat, 50 kg without

Where to Buy – Amazon.com


The Design

At first glance, the Mini 2 Go is a real eye catcher, the main body fit’s so snugly on the scooter base it’s hard to even tell there’s a regular scooter underneath.


Micro Mini 2 go Deluxe Scooter


The main seat and storage unit clips onto the scooter base and tightens with a single 5mm hex screw, it can be removed or put back on which takes around 2 – 3 mins so it’s not too difficult. At the back, there is a telescopic, ball ended handle for a big person to push their young rider along (and generally keep them under control!). The handle sits around waist height at full extension for an average sized person so it’s comfy and easy to hang onto for extended periods.

Up front, there is also the telescopic handlebars which sit low for seated riding and raise high when the trunk unit is removed for normal scooter riding.

The Components

The first thing your child will grab is the large, rubbery ball ended grips. The ends stop their hands accidentally sliding off while also protecting the ends of the bars and being more resistant to knocks they are less likely to expose the aluminum bar underneath which can be a hazard.


Micro Mini 2 Go Handlebars


Height adjustment of the handlebars and telescopic push pole is handled by the plastic quick-release levers, they work really well and give great grip while the extensions run inside a notch so everything is always straight (no need to wrench the quick-release levers tight)


Pink Micro Mini 2 Go Scooter


The clip-on seat unit includes a slide-out storage compartment for your kiddies belongings, it’s even big enough for a bottle of milk which comes in handy since it’s easy to push along a child while out for a walk to the shops.


Micro Pink Mini 2 Go Scooter


Detaching the storage and seat unit reveals the scooter underneath. The Micro Mini, it’s a hugely popular little scooter with fantastic build quality and support, and having two front wheels adds stability especially for young ones just starting out and learning to scoot on their own.


Micro Mini 2 Go Front scooter wheels


The Mini 2 Go rides on Polyurethane wheels, two up front, 120mm in diameter and a smaller single 80mm wheel (with footbrake) at the rear, these give decent grip across most surfaces and are hardwearing, plus they are easy to find once they do wear out, the plastic spokes also help keep the weigh to a minimum.


Micro Mini Pink Scooter

Since there is no grippy rubber surface on in standing area, all the wording on the deck is raised to act as the grip, it seems to work well and is just enough to stop the kid’s shoes from sliding around too much.

Ride and Fun Factor

The thing I really like about the Mini 2 Go is the way the front wheels are attached to the body, they are not rigid, there is a mechanism underneath the front end which allows the wheels to pivot and turn side to side with the rider’s movements. So lean over and the wheels turn in that direction and on an angle. With a child seated the parent can easily carve or surf the scooter side to side in small or large arcs while the whole unit leans into the turning movement, it’s huge fun for the rider but also makes it super easy to steer, all with one hand.


Underside view of Micro Mini 2 Go Scooter

The Carving motion helps your kids develop their balance and feel for control, much like riding a bicycle. The Mini 2 Go has become one of our go-to toys for walks around the block or quick trips to the shops. It allows your young one to come with you but you can still walk at a brisk pace, not having to stop frequently and having storage underneath is a massive bonus for drinks or sunscreen etc.


There not much to not like about this little scooter, everything has been well thought out and I’m sure it will stand up to many years of enjoyment. If I was able to change one thing it would be making the attachment and removal of the saddle unit easier. It’s not hard to do but does require a 5mm hex wrench, it it was a quick release instead it would save hunting around for the tool, but on the other hand it would be easy for children to tamper with so that may be the reason one wasn’t added to the design.

Final Thoughts

On first impressions, I thought the Mini 2 Go might be gimmicky with the sit on top design, but in reality, its been a load of fun and get almost as much use as the balance bike. For the kiddies, carrying their trinkets and finds inside the scooter gives them a buzz since they are always picking things up and examining them.

The quality is spot on as alway with Micro products, even though they do cost a little more, it’s well worth it in the long run, and with this setup, you are really buying two toys in one.

Do you have a Micro scooter or experience with their products? share your thoughts below.




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