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The name Giro has been associated with cycling for a long time and they have been worn by some of the worlds best. Their range of helmets and soft goods is second to none and from previous experience the quality and longevity of their gear are excellent.

By Vaughn

The Giro Scamp has been in the Giro range for a while now and it’s among one of the best little helmets on the market. Full of features, it retains the design and fit and features of the h\igh-end Giro helmets and makes an excellent option for your young little rippers.

I have owned a fair few Giros over the years, their fit has always been spot-on and they seem to last, so I’d expect the Scamp to be no different.

Giro Scamp Kids Bike HelmetGiro Scamp Details

Where to Buy:

  • Fits a range of head sizes and makes a good baby bicycle helmet for first little riders
  • For children from 1 – 4 years old
  • Head circumference sizing of 45 – 49 cm for the extra small and 49 – 53 cm for the small size
  • Roc-Loc helmet retention system to fine-tune the fit
  • Full Head coverage, it’s a scaled down mountain bike helmet, modeled off  the Giro Montara/Montaro shape giving better impact protection especially at the back
  • In-molded visor to keep the sun out of their eyes
  • 8 vents to help with the airflow
  • 7 Funky colors, (the color is usually the most important thing for them!)
  • Nice and light, the small comes in at 210g
  • In-molded shell with EPS liner for stiffness and longevity
  • Sliding buckle to avoid those nasty pinches
  • MIPS version is also available

Fit and Sizing

I have found Giros helmets lean toward being smaller and the Scamp is no different. It’s quite compact so if your child has a small head or you need their first helmet it’s well worth a look.


giro scamp sizing sticker


I had a quick scan at Giros sizing chart and found their numbers didn’t seem to match any of the Scamps sizes I looked at, not sure why that is but my suggestion is to measure the circumference of your child’s head.

I would suggest if they measure up to around 50 or over it may be worth checking out the next model up. The Giro Raze, Giro Hale and the Giro Tremor overlap and take of where the Scamps sizing ends, although they are unfit so the overall helmet size is usually larger.


You might have seen some of the cheaper helmets using a two-piece shell design. The Giro Scamp uses in an In-Molded shell, this gives the helmet extra strength and the exterior skin is fused to the interior foam lining.


giro scamp helmet
The In-Molded shell and the Roc-Loc retention system


Cheaper helmets use a separate stuck-on shell which is added after the internal foam shape is molded. These have a habit of cracking and falling off especially on kids helmets.

The Scamp may be slightly more expensive but the benefit in safety, as well as the lifespan of the helmet, are far greater.

Shape and Design

Gone are the days when there was one type of helmet for everything, with the shift towards better coverage and rear head protection the Giro scamp is bang up to date.


giro scamp mat blast color


The back extends well down toward the neck area, and although it looks bulky the helmet remains nice and light to wear while being comfortable.


back of giro scamp


There is a handy molded-in visor/peak at the front to help keep the sun out of their eyes and give extra protection in case they should ever need it.

The 8 vents help with a airflow, they are modeled off the larger current mountain-bike style helmets, The design is clearly focused on keeping the structure intact and giving protection. While more vents might be better for cooling they can also make helmets more fragile since they have more holes in them, and I know kids helmets get their fair share of knock and bumps even when they aren’t wearing them.


Buckle and Adjustment

Nothing ruins their day like a pinched chin from the buckle, this particular Scamp uses a neat sliding type setup that does away with the standard clip arrangement. I have noticed some scamps still have the standard buckle as well, my daughter’s other helmet uses one of these and it just means I have to be more careful when doing it up.


giro helmet sliding buckle
The sliding buckle


The Scamp uses non-locking sliding adjusters for under the ears. I have found they don’t stay put quite as good as the locking adjusters and do need to be checked every now and then.

MIPS Version Available (to read more on Mips see the Mips Helmet Technology)

Another addition to the Scamp is the option of the MIPS internal cage system. So what is MIPS? It’s short for Multi-Directional Impact System. Its basically a separate plastic lining which permits movement of the helmet in the impact of a crash, but the lining and straps stay in position.



It basically helps to reduce the energy transferred to the wearers head by allowing this movement. Its a pretty neat thing Giro have a MIPS version, but the downside is the plastic lining limits the airflow and I have found with my own MIPS helmet it can snag your hair every now and then.



The Giro Scamp is a solid and all-around excellent little helmet. The quality is right up there, the fit is good, and there is an extra small version which is handy. The construction and features closely mimic higher end adult helmets, so if your child does a lot of biking or any other activities like scootering it’s a smart choice which you know will go the distance.


See the Giro Scamp on


The color options are a real bonus and it helps if you have a picky toddler or their hearts set on a certain color.

Also with the Mips version available, it takes the helmet up a step in impact safety.

Do you have a Giro Scamp or have you tried the MIPS version? share your thought below. Or head over to Amazon to see the ranges of colors and the MIPS version







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