Best Tag Along Bikes (Trailer Bikes) For 2019 – Our Top 7

Taga-A-Long bikes are a fun way to give your kids extra ride time when otherwise they might run out of puff. They are suited for the 4 – 9 age range (some earlier depending on the model) and allow you to ride together over longer distances, commute with your child and ride in situations where they may not be confident on their own eg. in traffic.


What is a Tag-A-Long Bike?

Tag a Longs, Trailer Bikes, Trailer cycles, these are a few names which describe pretty much the same thing.

They resemble a regular child’s bike but instead of having a front wheel, there a connecting bar which usually attaches to the parent’s bike’s seat post. There are a few variations but most still have pedals and handlebars so your child rides as if they were riding themselves, only you do most of the hard work!


The Different Types

There are 3 main variations of trailer bikes, the recumbent, the upright and the towbar attachment.

Recumbent Style – These offer great comfort and safety as they require your kiddie to be strapped in with the seatbelts, there are pedal and non-pedaling versions and work best for kids who may not be confident with sitting on an upright trailer bike.

Upright Trailer Bike – This is the classic, tow behind setup using a rear wheel, handlebars, and traditional saddle. These are best for kids who like to get out for longer rides but still tire quickly.

Towbar Attachment – This is a simple bar which connects your bike to your child’s bike with a curved extension, they let you keep the familiarity of your child’s bike but can be removed and can be extra handy if traveling.

Trail Gator Kids Bicycle Towbar

Trail Gator Kids Bike Towbar Attachment – Best for getting kids to ride using their existing bike

Where to Buy:

Recommended Age: 4 – 8 Years

Capacity: 70 Pounds

The Trail Gator is a novel way to attach your existing kid’s bike to your own bike so you can ride in tandem, it works by clamping around your kid’s bike, raising the front wheel off the ground and turning it into a trailer bike. Price wise it almost identical to the WeeRide Co-Pilot below, but I think it’s ideal for traveling or holidays where you might not want to drag a full-sized trailer bike around but would still like to go on a long ride with the kids.


  • The Trail Gators arm is steel and ideally suits bikes ranging from 12″ up to 20″ in size, also since the towed bike’s front wheels are raised up of the ground, there is an arm included which keeps the front wheel from turning side to side and keeping the handlebar straight.
  • If your child’s bike has brakes you will have to work together to learn when to use the brakes this will keeps thing safe for both riders and save you a lot of energy if your kiddie happens to drag the brakes on!
  • The Trail Gator can attach to most bikes, even full suspension bikes so there is an opportunity to more adventurous if you like.



The Trail Gators hitch is a standard, set post clamp which stays fixed while the main arm is removed via the quick release, attaching the bracket to your child’s bike is a relatively simple process but it’s all nuts and bolts so it’s longer than other configurations of trailer bikes around.

The big plus of the Trail Gator is the portability and minimal storage space needed, the main arm slides into itself which is great for traveling in the car.


WeeRide Co-Pilot Tag along bike

WeeRide Co-Pilot Trailer Bike – Best Budget Setup

Where to buy:

Recommended age: 4 – 9 Years

Capacity: 75 Pounds

The WeeRide Co-Pilot trailer bike comes in three vibrant colors for fussy riders, the bright green, pink and white, also there’s a handy flag included for extra visibility when being used on the road. The Co-Pilots frame is all steel, this keeps the frame strong and stiff but also helps to keep the price lower since steel frames are cheaper to manufacture.

  • The chain and moving parts are kept enclosed by the chainguard making the chance of catching long pants in the chain minimal while it keeps the grease and grime off kiddies clothes and hands.
  • The seat is adjustable in height, with a quick release lever, while the handlebars adjust in height just like a full sized bike with a headset, the single bolt at the top loosens the wedge to raise and lower the stem attachment – simple!
  • Tucked in behind the back wheel is a mudguard to take care of water spray and also there’s a plastic fender for helping keep the parent’s bike wheels spray off your child, it’s positioned low down to catch most of the water which makes the riding experience better in adverse weather.

The WeeRide features a mid-mounted hinge so when the riding is done you can break it down for better storage in the garage since it can take up more space than a standard kids bike due to the length, the hinge clasp is a quick release lever so it’s not very complicated and can be done quickly.

The WeeRide Co-Pilot stands out as a good value, yet robust design that will give family’s many hours of fun together, it might not be as flashy as the other models but remains a smart choice if your budget conscious and don’t want to cut corners, plus it’s one of the most highly rated and reviewed trailer bikes on Amazon!


WeeRide ProPilot tag along bike

WeeRide Pro-Pilot Trailer Bike – An Upgraded version of the Co-Pilot

Where to Buy:

Recommended Age: 4 – 9 Years

Capacity: 75 Pounds

If you like the look of the WeeRide Co-Pilot but maybe considering the next step up in features, the Pro-Pilot is the upgraded version using a different frame but retaining the identical parts kit like the Co-Pilot.

  • The Pro-Pilots frame is all aluminum, this comes with a weight saving so if you want to make things a bit easier for yourself then this option might be the one for you. Towing a kiddie under your own power can be a real workout, especially if they’re not doing much pedaling, so why not take the extra weight saving?
  • The chain and drive system is fully enclosed in a steel chainguard so if it does happen to get knocked it will bend and not simply snap or shatter.
  • The drive system works just like a regular bike, pedal to go forward and stop to coast, the parent’s bike does all the braking duties so it worth getting your brakes checked over to make sure everything is safe.

The Pro-Pilot only comes in a metallic blue unlike the three offered by the Co-Pilot and essentially the two frames are identical in geometry and shape, just alloy vs steel.

Hitch which connects the bike main arm to the seat post uses a quick release to hitch the bike while the clamp which attaches to the parent’s bike uses screws so that will be a permanent accessory, without the hitch attached the bracket is still unobtrusive if you are needing to use the bike for other purposes.


Adams original folding trailer bike

Adams Trail-A-Bike Folding (Original Folder One) Tag-A-Long Bike – Best For Proven Design and Reliability

Where to Buy:

Recommended Age:4 – 6 Years

Capacity: 85 Pounds

The Original Folder 1 trailer bike from Adams has been on the market now for over twenty years, the design is well refined from the quick release hitch to the simple folding design making it possible to throw in in your car boot if you want to ride away from home. The frame is made from steel and offers a large amount of clearance over the rear wheel of the parent’s bike.

  • Instead of using a traditional hinge, the Folder 1 uses a rotating shaft which allows it to completely fold in half. The seat post acts as the locking pin to hold everything together and using the quick release lever, you pull out the seat to free the frame for folding.
  • The higher clearance allows it to fit on almost any 26″ wheeled bikes through to 700c (road racing wheel size) there’s even enough room for mudguards on the towing bike if your’s already has them fitted. Unfortunately, the Adams does not ship with an included rear wheel mudguard which might be an issue for some buyers.
  • The included connecting hitch is extremely strong, it uses a steel wrap-around clamp which connects to the seat post with shims which are sized for your existing seat post (these are also included) it allows 360-degree movement so it won’t snag or bind up over uneven ground.

The Adams original folder is an all-around easy to use and set up robust design, which folds away when not needed, there are a few different versions available also, an alloy framed bike and the compact version for riders with a shorter inseam.

Adams Trail A Bike Tandem Tag a Long bike

Adams Tandem Folding Trail-A-Bike – Best For When One Seat Isn’t Enough

Where to Buy:

Recommended Age: 4 – 6 Years

Capacity: 125 Pounds

If a single trailer bike’s not going to work, then why not try a tandem one? Your kids get to have fun riding a tandem bike and you will definitely be getting a workout taking them for a ride. Communication will be key for riding as a team since towing the extra weight by yourself will take some effort, but the Tandem version comes with gears so your kids will be able to match your pedaling speed to help things roll smoother.

  • The Folding Tandem Tail-A-Bike is just like a real tandem bicycle, just without the front wheel. It uses a dual set of cranks and pedals for each rider which are geared together so when the gears are changed, both sets of pedals turn at the same speed in the same place, there’s a total of 7 gears and the shifter is big thumb lever which suits a smaller hand, vs the usual twist style shifters.
  • For the rear rider, the handlebars are reach adjustable as well as being able to tilt, they attach using a telescopic stem which most tandem bike use, seats are all quick release for tool-free adjustment and it uses the same sideways folding arrangement in the frame as the single version.

Riding a tandem version, your kids will have a blast. Usually, the older rider would go in the front to handle the gearing duties, also because the handlebar stem attaches onto the front saddles seat post. Ideally, the towing bike would have strong brakes since there’s extra weight to pull up, disc brakes would be well suited.

WeeHoo Igo Turbo Bike Trailer

WeeHoo Turbo Kids Recumbent Trailer Bike – Best For Reclining In Comfort

Where to Buy:

Recommended Age: 2 – 9 Years

Capacity: 80 Pounds

The WeeHoo Turbo is modeled off a recumbent bike, the rider sits in a reclined position while their legs are stretched out horizontally instead of vertically to handle the pedaling duties. Pedaling in this reclined position is actually very comfortable for the rider since it’s just like sitting in a chair, also the seat can adjust forward and backward to accommodate different leg lengths.

  • The Turbo pedals along like a standard bike, the big bonus is the chain is completely enclosed in the tubing to protect the riders clothing from catching and stopping grease stains. It’s a clever system, and the chain still runs very quietly even inside this tubing.
  • Your child is safely strapped in with the snug fitting seatbelt, they are adjustable in relation to shoulder height while the chest straps keep everything tied together. This stops the rider from drifting around in the seat, especially if they happen to fall asleep.
  • The pedals use foot straps to hold your child’s feet to the pedals to prevent them slipping off, the reclined position also allows them to push a bit harder than normal since they can push themselves against the seat back to get extra power.

I have ridden a fair few miles with the WeeHoo with child in-tow and it’s been a lot of fun. We have used it for commuting and going shopping together, also with the built-in storage bags attached to the rear and the extra netting behind the seat, you can take an extra jacket if the weather is changeable. There is minimal change to the bikes handling vs a child seat so it’s great for keeping the bike predictable but just remember the increased length when going around corners and sharp turns.

WeeHoo Blast Trailer Bike

Weehoo iGo Blast Trailer Bike – Best For Comfort and Simplicity

Where to Buy:

Recommended Age: 1- 4 Years

Capacity:  80 Pounds

The WeeHoo Igo Blast is a slimmed down version of the Turbo above, it retains the recumbent style seating layout with the major difference being no pedals, just footrests. This makes it well suited for smaller children and makes a great alternative to a bike-mounted child seat. If you want to get out for longer rides but still take your kiddie with you, the iGo Blast is a perfect companion.

  • WeeHoo has put a lot of effort in when designing the seat and its belt arrangement, the seatbelt is a 3-point harness with a selectable loop to keep the shoulder straps lower and better positioned for shorter shoulders, it quite simple to set-up the first time and easy to adjust as they grow. The conveniently placed hand grips are naturally in the right place so your child can rest their arms while holding on and feeling secure.
  • The seat assembly slides along the main rail for leg length adjustment and the footrests use velcro straps to hold your kiddies firmly in place.
  • The Blast is friendlier on the wallet thank to the minimal moving parts but it still uses the reliable clamp and collapsible arm.

The recumbent riding position is highly entertaining since kids are lower to the ground and free to look around while being safely strapped, this style of tag-a-long bike is  great for parents thinking about a bike trailer but would like something faster rolling without too many complications, also it’s a single wheel vs the double with a trailer for a narrower riding track.



Tag-a-along bikes are great fun for both parent and child, you can cover longer distances while still allowing your child to feel involved in the pedaling duties, even if they get tired, they don’t have to keep pedaling, and since your towing extra weight, there’s resistance so you can get a real workout with it not being too tough on the legs.

Have you got a trailer bike or keen to try one? share your thoughts below.



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