Best 3 Wheeled Scooters For Kids And Toddlers 2019 – Our Top Ten Picks


When it comes to shopping for kids scooters, the options are mindboggling,  usually, it’s going to come down to the color but you still want to make sure you are buying something decent that’s not going to fall to pieces five minutes.

There are options for all budgets from basic and simple, just something around the house through to models to cover longer distances on family outings.

Find the best 3 wheeled scooters for kids from our top list below, with trusted brands and great feedback it makes it easier to find the one they will love.

 Age RangeWeightRider CapacityFoldingPrice
Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter2 - 5 Years5.4 Pounds44 PoundsNo$$$
Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter2 - 8 Years7 Pounds110 PoundsNo$$
Razor Jr. Lil' Kick Scooter3 Years and up5.2 Pounds45 PoundsNo$
Radio Flyer My First Scooter2 - 5 Years5 Pounds50 PoundsNo$
Micro Mini 2-Go Deluxe Scooter18 months and up to 5 Years7.9 Pounds44 pounds with seat, 77 pounds scooter onlyNo$$$
Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter3 Years and Up6.5 Pounds44 PoundsYes$$
Den Haven Deluxe 3 Wheel Glider2 - 4 Years4.5 Pounds44 PoundsNo$
Eedan Max Glider Deluxe5 - 14 Year Olds6.6 pounds132 PoundsRemovable Handlebar$
Globber Primo Scooter2 - 6 Years Old5.6 Pounds110 PoundsNo$$
WonderView Kids Kick Scooter3 - 13 Years Old7 Pounds154 PoundsYes$$

Green Micro Mini kids 3 wheeled scooter
Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter

Where to Buy:

From the well known and trusted brand Micro, comes the Mini Kickboard 3 Wheeled kids scooter, built to a high standard, it is a cheaper option if it’s not going to be used for multiple riders or if there is no height adjustment needed for the handlebars.

  • Stability and ease of use are what makes this scooter great, along with the ability to carve and surf the pavement by the steerable front wheels, just lean to turn and the wheels automatically go with the flow. It’s nice and light at only 4.2 pounds and recommended for children of 2 – 5 years of age it’s a fun way of adding exercise and outdoor time to their routines.
  • Stopping is taken care of by the foot brake while making the ride safer, your child’s feet are protected from the turning rear wheels, this prevents them accidentally resting their feet on the moving back wheel. The Kickboards’s wheels use a larger diameter in the front for extra stability and security over bumpy ground and are made from durable polyurethane to handle the miles while still being grippy and comfortable to ride on.

The Micro Kickboard Mini is one of the highest rated 3 wheeled kids scooters around, with the great price, unique ride quality, flexible deck, and long-lasting wheels it’s a true kid’s favorite for many households and by choosing the Micro brand, you know the quality and part availability is great.


La Scooter blue kids 3 wheeled scooter

Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter

Where to Buy:

The Lascoota 2 in 1 gets its name from the detachable seat which turns it from a stand and scoot to a sit and scoot, great for longer journeys and changing things up to keep it interesting for your kids. Fully adjustable for different ages and well priced, it offers that bit extra than a stand-alone scooter.

  • For comfy and safe riding, the deck is nice and wide for bigger kids shoes, plus the seat is comfy with the in-built seat pad, also the flex of the plastic seat base helps to absorb bumps from concrete surfaces.
  • If your kids are fussy about color or you are keen to have matching scooters, there are a total of 6 colors to choose from, blue, green, pink, purple, red and yellow. These should cover you for when they really want their favorite color!
  • The quick-rolling poly-urethane wheels have an extra feature, they have flashing led lights inside, when the wheels turn the led’s flash different colors, just make sure your kids are looking where they are going and not down at the lights! Bigger diameter front wheels are used for better handling and stability over uneven surfaces

The Lascoota’s deck has been designed to be low to the ground for maximum stability which gives the younger riders more confidence to push their boundaries, by leaning side to side the front wheels turn with them allow big sweeping turns and allowing quick balance corrections which are a must with 3 wheeled scooters.

The seat attaches via hex screws so tools are needed to make the changeover but this keeps it secure and stops little fingers playing with the mechanisms. Up front, the handlebars allow for four positions in height from standing right down to the seated position.

Great for kids aged around 2 through till 10 years, there is a long window of enjoyment and scooting fun.

Razor Junior Lil Kick Kids Blue Scooter

Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick Scooter

Where to Buy:

From the well known and trusted brand, Razor, the Jr Lil Kick kiddies scooter may be priced low but still manages to pack in the features of more expensive offerings, it’s a no-frills scooter for parents on a budget who don’t want to sacrifice quality shopping.

  • Using plastic spoke, polyurethane wheels, the Jr rides comfortably and speedy. The grippy texture provides traction over varied surfaces and is hard wearing, just like the more expensive rides.
  • The front end uses a fixed height steering stem and bars, simple but functional while soft polymer grips keep the bar ends safely covered while the foam handlebar  pad adds a touch of extra safety
  • The main scooter frame is constructed from welded steel for strength, usually aluminum used in more pricey scooters drives the price up so just because it’s a budget scooter doesn’t mean its flimsy or easily broken. The Jr sports a 45-pound weight limit which is great for an entry level scooter.

The main way Razor have kept the cost low is by going to a fixed wheel design, having two on the rear vs two up front with a steerable linkage system. The dual rear wheels provide good stability for younger riders finding their feet and stopping is handled by dragging a foot, also the Jr makes a very good stepping stone towards a bigger scooter with a low purchase price it’s a perfect first scooter.

Two wheels at the front or two wheels at the back? The main thing to consider with the rear double wheels is ankle clearance, some kids might bang their ankles while scooting along while others will be fine. There are many variations of three-wheeled scooters and the front double wheels layout is usually the most popular but you do pay a slight premium for the more complex steerable designs.

Radio Flyer My First Scooter Red Kids Scooter

Radio Flyer My First Scooter

Where to Buy:

The Radio Flyer My First Scooter is aimed at first-time riders just starting out, needing a stable and predictable ride with an easy to handle design, plenty of foot space and fun to use.

  • The Radio Flyer is the next step up from the Razor Jr kids scooter and features a simple foot brake (there is also a non-brake version which uses a small footrest to guard the rear wheel, the Radio Flyer My First Scooter Sport)
  • An extra wide foot area with a textured finish gives excellent stability and helps prevent feet from accidentally sliding off the deck, it’s wide enough for kids to put both their feet side by side.
  • The Radio Flyer uses a turn to steer system vs a lean-to turn like most three-wheeled scooters. For kiddie just starting out, it provides just enough movement to keep a straight line and go where they need to go without having to shift to much body weight which might cause imbalance.

The Radio Flyer comes in at less than 5 pounds but still has a 50-pound weight limit so it will stand up to multiple uses from different kids and with a contoured design there a no sharp edges to fall against or cause issues. Radio Flyer has specced plastic wheels, not quite as grippy as the poly-urethane versions but work well for beginner scooter rider as they likely will be less aggressive in their riding style than bigger kids.

A great, all-round scooter with a well-designed focus on safety and ergonomics, no wonder it’s been so popular!

Micro Mini2go deluxe kids scooter

Micro Mini 2-Go Deluxe Scooter

Where to Buy:

Read Our Full Review of the Micro Mini-2-Go

The fun is on with the convertible Micro Mini-2-Go, underneath is the well-loved and rated Mini Micro but on top, there’s a funky clip-on seat with onboard storage, this turns it into a fast rolling sit and go which can be changed easily to keep your kids keen for more.

  • The standout feature is the clip-on storage caddy, contoured and shaped for maximum comfort with no sharp edges, it uses a slide out caddy so your kids can carry their trinkets and finds when they are out and about. When the caddy is slid into the closed position it gives the seat extra support and stops it flexing and moving around.
  • The dual front wheeled design uses Micro’s carve-to-turn system, lean to where you want to go and the scooter carves it’s turn for you without needing to steer or turn the bars, great fun for kids.
  • For the parent there an easily removable push rod so if you were to go for a walk, your kids can be pushed while sitting. Located at waist height and height adjustable it comfortable enough to push for extended periods of time.

The Mini-2-Go is a well thought out and versatile scooter, you get the very nice Micro Mini underneath with adjustable handlebars and aluminum hardware plus the whole storage caddy/seat. It makes for a good alternative to a balance bike, especially for in town or busy footpath where you might need to keep your kiddy close or hang onto them when moving. They have fun being pushed while the whole scooter is easily steered precisely to avoid obstacles or give extra enjoyment.

Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

Where to Buy:

If your short on space, or like to have something in the car just in case your kids want to go for a scoot somewhere, the folding feature of the Razor Jr Kick Scooter makes transportation and storage far easier.

  • Just like it’s sibling, the Jr Kiddie Kick Scooter, the Folding version shares the twin rear wheel layout with fixed, T-Bar handlebars and steel frame construction. The rider weight capacity is also 45 pounds, even with the handy fold-up hinge incorporated into the down tube, just underneath the front of the footbed.
  • The Jr Folding Kick features a large covered deck which hides away the folding mechanism but also providing coverage to the rear wheels. If knocking ankles was a concern, the deck gradually slopes outwards to stop feet getting hooked in the wheels, kids will naturally put their pushing leg slightly wider to clear the deck and therefore clearing the rear wheels.
  • Clear polyurethane wheels are standard with good grip and resistance to premature wear while providing shock absorption.

The Jr Kick Folding is available on two different colors, pink with purple grips and blue with orange grips and is aimed at young riders from 3 years of age, with comfy contact points and a stable riding position it might just end up being their go-to for extra mobility and walks with the family.

To fold the scooter up, simply pull the hook forwards allowing the hinge to release, it ends up saving a lot of space compared to a fixed body scooter and it’s not easily accessible while riding so there less chance of any mishaps.

Den Haven Deluxe 3 Wheel Glider

Where to Buy:

If you’re after a quality scooter for your kids to run around on the footpaths and driveway and not wanting to spend more than you need to have a look at Den Haven’s 3 Wheeled Glider. It’s very close in construction to the Micro 3 wheeled models but it comes in at a fraction of the price.

  • The dual front wheels make riding fun, even first-time riders can jump on and be moving in no time and when they have got the hang of it, speed will increase so there is a footbrake to keep things in check. Standing on one foot while resting the pushing foot hovering on the brake makes sudden stops and speed adjustments easy.
  • The front T-Handlebar is fully adjustable in height, from 14.5 inches throughout to 24.5 inches. To keep the bars straight there is a push button inside the sliding riser which locates in the pre-drilled hole, this also stops the handlebars sliding down in-case the quick release was knocked or not done up tightly.
  • The handlebars feature large, rubber grips with perforated ends to keep the aluminum bar safely hidden away in case of a fall, as a bonus they help protect the walls if your kiddie is riding around inside or even bumps up against a car.

The Den Haven 3 Wheel Glider uses the tried and true, two in front, one in back layout, it relies on the lean to steer motion with the linkage between the front wheels which is a lot of fun for carving big turns without being unstable, even beginner riders can start to use to enjoy the motion in a very short time.

The 3 Wheel Glider is a real bang-for-buck model, what it may lack in color choices and flashy looks it makes up for it with a low price and build that is very close to the Micros without compromising on materials and quality.

Black Eedan Deluxe kids three wheeled scooter

Eedan Max Glider Deluxe

Where to Buy:

If you like the two up front and one in the back wheel layout but still need a scooter that can be folded down for easier transportation and storage, the Max Glider Deluxe from Eedan combines all of these into one design. With the super-handy removable handlebar assembly, you can throw into the boot of a small car, underneath your buggy or even into a backpack.

  • The Eedan incorporates a unique dual-rear-wheel design where two wheels take the place of where the single rear would normally be. This helps to ease the wear and tear on the wheels by letting them both share the braking and turning duties. The rear sprung footbrake uses a reinforced body for maximum performance and keep the flex in check.
  • Cool Colors – Available in three designs they are definitely unique and something a bit different to the standard block colors.  Eeden calls the two alternative colors schemes, graffiti, one urban and the other pop, very eye-catching and sure to be a hit with kids, of course, there’s the classic black as well if the graffiti is not their thing.
  • What’s the best way to complement a wild color scheme than with flashing led wheels. Just start them spinning and they flash and light up. It’s not just fun for the kids, the flashing lights become very obvious in low light conditions which add an extra level of safety.

The Eedan Max Glider comes in at an affordable price, and with the flashing wheels and super-bright color scheme, you can guarantee your kids will love it straight away. The other key feature is the ability to remove the vertical T-Handlebar, not something most scooters have, especially in the steerable models. Often the outdoor toys can be used, then put away for a while over winter or bad weather so this makes it great to stow away in a corner out of the way.

Globber Kids three wheeled blue scooter

Globber Primo Scooter

Where to Buy:

Never mind the name, the Gobber 3 wheeled scooter is a popular model with overwhelmingly positive feedback. The Globber adopts the standard three-wheeled layout for predictable stability and feel for younger riders but uses a clever locking system to fix the front end if first timers are having difficulty getting used to the leaning action of the front end.

  • Underneath the hood, there is a spring-loaded mechanism which allows you to choose between a fixed front end and the lean-to steer option. There is the familiar system which allows the wheels to turn when the scooter is leaned over, both evenly and at a camber, while this can be fixed to stop the scooter from leaning at all, ideally something kids would use if it’s their first scooter, as they grow in confidence, unlocking it will allow them to turn and better handle their increased speed.
  • Colors, Colors and even more colors – with a total of 11 combinations even the most discerning toddler will be happy with your choice, although maybe ask their favorite color first!
  • The telescopic front T-Bars are all aluminum to keep the weight to a minimum and adjust via the quick releases from 26.5 to 31 inches. Topped off with safe and cushy rubber grips and fast rolling polyurethane wheels all the contact points are good to go.

The Globber has an excellent maximum recommended weight at 110 pounds, or just under 50 kilos thanks to its aluminum reinforced deck, this means more adventurous young riders can take it to the local skatepark and lean on the lower slopes before they transition to a more dedicated design for more aggressive riding.

The Globber’s great for kids aged 2 to 6 years old and with the option to lock the steering it’s super friendly for beginners.

WonderView Kids 3 wheeled kick scooter

WonderView Kids Kick Scooter

Where to Buy:

Wonderview’s Kick Scooter is extremely sturdy with a maximum weight capacity of 154 pounds, or 69 kilos. This not only means it will handle the extra rough and tumble especially if older kids jump on it, and extend the lifespan so your kids don’t outgrow too quickly.

  • Strong Deck – On the underside, there’s a stainless steel reinforcing plate which allows the scooter to handle the weight that it can, it keeps the deck rigid while allowing it to still sit low to the ground to aid stability.
  • Out the back there’s the double back wheel to spread the wear and tear over both vs a single rear design, the wheels are polyurethane and roll on high quality bearing for speed and reliability. Plus they contain flashing LEDs!
  • The decks nice and wide at 5.3 inches with a textured surface for extra grip, and out the back, stopping power is handled by a stainless steel, reinforced foot-brake, and since there are two wheels the extra rubber gives great stopping bite.

The front T-Bar is detachable to allow for easy transport and storage, plus the assembly is minimal so they can be up and running in no time. While the colors may not be as wild as other designs, sometimes it’s the simple contrast of the colors used which can be eye-catching for young kiddies, plus they soon forget once they are out and having fun cruising around.


3 Wheeled Scooter Buyers Guide

Wheel layout

Not all 3 wheeled scooters are the same, things such as deck height and handlebar adjustability play an important role in how the scooter responds to the riders input, but have you considered how the wheels might affect the stability?

Two up front and a single at the back – By far the most common has its advantages from keeping the pushing and ankle area free from obstruction, avoiding kids knocking their ankle if they put their pushing foot to close to the rear of the deck.

Another plus is the linkage system manufacturers include to aid steering and allow the rider’s weight to change the direction of travel. By leaning the scooter over, the wheels turn and pivot to help the turn, keeping the center of gravity where it needs to be much like a bicycle.  With grippy wheels, the turning, or carving motion is great fun once kids get more experience and speeds increase. Sometimes the single wheels are doubled up at the back for better wear and tear and brake performance.


+ Great stability

+ Ability to turn without feeling top heavy

+ Minimal moving parts to wear out


– Can make the scooter slightly more expensive

Two in the rear and one up front – You will see this layout commonly on the budget scooters and designs for more general riding. The steering is different in this case since a single wheel up front uses the standard, turn the bars to steer motion. The scooters are simpler in construction and are perfect around the house or driveway.


+ Simpler construction keeps the cost down


– Kids may tend to bump ankles depending on the design



This one is not to be overlooked since the wheels are the only thing touching the ground. You will see two main types, plastic wheels, and polyurethane wheels.

Plastic wheels can be a cost-saving feature but can also be suitable for very young riders who don’t cover a lot of distance, ride the scooter indoors and for parents looking for a lightweight scooter.

Polyurethane wheels are the preferred option for outdoor surfaces and durability. Very similar to a skateboard or rollerblade wheel in construction, they use a soft outer molded onto a small plastic (or aluminum) wheels.

These are very good for concrete and generally mixed surfaces and once the outer tire wears away they are easily replaced since most wheels are of standard design and dimension.


Weight Limit

There is a surprising variety of weight limit among the scooter models, some upwards of 150 pounds and some under 45 pounds. Visually the models look very similar but the maker usually includes a reinforced deck with stainless steel or aluminum to stop flex and better support the structure.

The weight limit can also play a role depending on where you think it will be ridden the most, at home, cruising around the driveway or tagging along on a family walk? The higher weight limit most likely is not necessary providing your child comes in under it.

Maybe your child’s still under the lower weight limits but like’s to venture to the skatepark or hops off curbs, having a stiffer and stronger scooter is of benefit since it’s less likely to break or wear out prematurely.



My personal favorite is Mini Micro, it’s one of the originals and is widely duplicated by other brands with each putting their own spin on the design.

What are your thoughts? Kids love these lightweight little rockets and they make an excellent Christmas or birthday present, oh and it’s a fun way to give them more exercise.


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