The Bell Segment Multi Sport Helmet – A Clever Helmet With A Trick Up It’s Sleeve

By Vaughn

The Bell Segment Multi-Sport Helmet sticks to the classic look of the old-school skate helmet while having an ingenious trick up its sleeve to make fit and comfort a real point of difference setting it apart from normal multi-sport offerings.

The Segment is a hugely popular helmet and for people after that classic look, finding the right color is easy as there’s many to choose from, the Segment really does everything well.

The Segment comes in a few different sizes from extra-small up to the large adult’s size, so it’s just not for kids, but big kids as well.

Bell Segment Multi-Sport Helmet

Bell Segment Multi-Sport Helmet Details

Where to Buy:

  • Unique Segmented internal structure under a flexible outer shell
  • 8 Vents for improved air flow
  • Size Xtra Small 48-53 cm, Size Small 51-55cm, Large: 58 – 63 cm
  • Huge color range across the sizes
  • Extra pads sets included fine-tuning the fit
  • Classic looks with improved fit and feel
  • Multi-Standard Approved
    • ASTM F1492-08 (Skate)
    • ASTM F2032 (BMX)
    • CE EN1078
    • CPSC Bicycle



Features and construction

Looks can be deceiving, and the Segment gets its name from the unique way the inner molded foam liner is constructed.

The liner is divided up into segments which are held in place by an internal skeleton, this keeps them all together but allows the helmet to flex which gives a superior feeling fit over the traditional stiff and solid skate style helmets.


inside view of bell segment helmet
Insides the Bell showing the unique segmented layout


No two heads are alike, although general circumference may be the same, shape and pressure points can be a problem on some helmets giving an unpleasant experience. The flexible arrangement inside the helmet deals with this and allows it to conform better to different heads.

This helmet is perfect for young kids bashing around on their bikes or scooters while also being a good fit for adults who are after the skate helmet look but want to get a bit more comfort happening.

The segment has a total of 8 vents, they are small but help to provide some airflow through the helmet.

The coverage is good as it should be for a multi-sport type helmet, it retains the robustness of a thick yet flexible polycarbonate outer shell giving good long-term resistance to knocks and drops while still being comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time.

Also, the Bell Segment has been approved for multiple cycling related disciplines and wheeled activities.

  • ASTM F1492-08 – For Skate style activities including inline and rollerskating and aggressive skateboard type use.
  • ASTM F2032 – Bmx riding and use
  • CE EN1078 – The European bike helmet standard
  • CPSC – Bicycle Standard

Buckle and Adjustment

The buckle design is the standard helmet clasp affair, the straps are sandwiched between the outer shell and foam liner and riveted to the shell stopping them moving or tearing out of their holders.


white helmet straps on black helmet
The straps are secured to the outer shell by rivets


The Segment ships with three pad-sets, ranging from thick down to minimal (the thick ones are around 10mm). This makes it easy to fine tune to different head sizes and kids or adults with long hair. Since the Segment doesn’t use a thumbwheel style adjustment cage, optimal pad setup is how it stays firm on your head.


Fit and Sizing

There is a good size range available for the Segment, it’s essentially the same helmet throughout and keeps the segmented inner with the flexible outer.

The Sizing starts out with the extra small measuring 48 – 53 cm, this is the size pictured here in this post, this particular helmet weighed in at 425 grams. As a comparison, the Nutcase Baby Nutty measures 47 – 50 and weighs 240 grams while the Giro Scamp measures 45 – 49 cm for the extra small at 210 grams.

The scamp is the lightest, even at the next size up of 49 – 53 cm. Holding them side by side, it’s a significant difference and something to bear in mind when purchasing. Cleary they are designed with different applications in mind and this is why the Segment is heavier.

The large size goes all the way up to a 63 cm circumference so even big kids get to have a styley helmet. Also, having used the adult’s sized Segment myself, compared to a regular bowl-style helmet the Segment is way more comfortable.


  • Multi-Sport Approved
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Good Coverage
  • Lot’s of Colors

  • Limited Ventilation
  • Heavy For Smaller Heads



See the Bell Multi-Sport Helmet on


So the Bell Segment covers a decent range of applications, so it’s versatile and offers a nice step up in comfort and fit while retaining the retro look. A good color selection means it’s highly likely you could find something to match your bike, maybe?

The tough exterior lasts well, keeping the structure intact and giving better resistance to cracking or premature damage from drops or being thrown on the ground.

Do you have a Bell Segment, or have you tried one on? let me know in the comments below.









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